Our Values


Accountability in programme delivery and openness in terms of  information on our activities every step of the way.


As an ambitious social investment scheme, innovation in strategy and service delivery are an integral part of the operations and success of the programmes.


Quality in the execution of our programmes, while ensuring all beneficiaries have the best experiences available, through the provision of mentoring by trained facilitators in the field, as well as the provision of relevant content in devices and tool boxes to certain categories of beneficiaries.


Our programmes are specifically designed to empower, train and uplift millions of abandoned Nigerians in every part of the country.


We expect all our stakeholders across the country- from staff, public officials to beneficiaries, to engage each other and discharge their services in the spirit of humility.


The necessity to give immediate assistance to many who live in extreme poverty and the growing need for deepening financial inclusion within Nigeria is what drives our teams to deliver on our objectives in a timely manner.


We believe it is absolutely essential to provide adequate information on all our programmes for public enlightenment.


Payments are made directly into the accounts of our beneficiaries, through their accounts using the BVN so we are able to track payments and account for the funds disbursed. A level-playing field has been created in selection and deployment, with no beneficiary having a need to know anyone, to engage with our programmes.


Equality and Fairness in carrying along all Nigerians in the implementation of these programmes, with a focus on balancing geography and gender, including the physically challenged, youth and the aged.